The wish

I am just 13 years of age,but still I have a lot of wishes…. A ‘wish’ is something which u want to happen ,but maybe ur fortune is not supporting you. Like my wish is to design a sports car ..I know it sounds a little kidish..but still…. my problem lies in maths.More or less every student is afraid of that subject including me,, I know it needs maths or you may say a lot and a looot of maths for designing and creating a brand new car.. That’s the sad part I am very, very poor in maths.. That subject literally haunts me! But as earlier I described a ‘wish’ I want to design a car but it sadly may not be possible..And if,,however I design a car my first job will be to take my mother to a long drive on her very own daughters first ever designed car…  So,I wish in the coming years I do well in maths to fulfill my wish,and not just to say I WANT to I WILL….


12 thoughts on “The wish

  1. What’s a wish with no challenge! The taste of it’s fulfilment completely changes once you overcome the challenge. Your wish is not just your wish but your will for what you want.
    And when there’s a will, there’s a way.


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