Do You Love Shoes?

If u are confused with the type of shoes you think is suitable for u then I’m here to help u out on this topic…  Firstly I love shoes!!!!!! And I think u too. …..

Their are a millions of shoes for a girl to choose!!

If u r a bigginer and if u r learning to walk in heels then you can use small heels or kitten heels because they are super easy to walk in. And they are also available in various styles and variety…

If u r going to a party wearing a classy dress then instead of plain black heels u can go for embroided classy black heels. They look super stylish and will also go with a lot of dresses specially which are dark in colour like blue,black,red etc..

If u r wearing a short dress then floral printed heels or heels with a bow are the best options. They look super cute and transform the dress.

If you are wearing a plain boring dress  with a gloomy colour like grey then you can go for heels with attractive colours like neon shades.they look very impressive with specially short dresses…

If you are wearing a  long dress then you can go for glittery high heels . they look fantabulous on dresses with light colours like white or pink

Now last but not the least, if you are wearing jumpsuits or hotpants u can wear short length gloomy heals they look pretty good with dark colours…………

So ,never stop buying shoes,coz they are a very important source of beauty and they also provide perfection to a girl’s body language. Therefore keep loving shoes.


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