LIFE byond Social Media..

This is the time when we all are connected to each other by the means of social media. It is very useful as we can talk,chat and do much more with our loved ones ,specially those who live far away from each other. But did we ever think this is also causing harm in our personal life! I’m definitely not saying that using social media is bad or harmful, but it too has some limitations. When you hand over cell phones to ur child in the name of safety at the age of 9-10 …think again! U may be wrong , and handing cell phones to your child may result in the opposite direction. Nowadays the rate of cyber crime has increased up to 75% from the last 10 years! 

He\she should not answer to insulting messages.

He\she must take care not to reveal any personal information.

If the case results in cyber crime help of police should be taken.

The balance of social media should be equal to the balance of life. If u r free for a day then except of chatting with your friends you can go for a run in the field or you can simply walk in a park nearby.

These small things are very important in our lives as “too much” of everything isn’t always good.   🙂



ReAdInG iS fUn :)

Well I personally don’t like to read my school books but when it comes to reading novels I love them!!! I like the books specially which end with a happy ending. (The fault in our stars in an exception) Each and every one of us can find a suitable genre for ourselves. I like to read romantic books.Books are a great way to improve your grammar and stay focused. Since I am a teenager I have seen many girls of my age always busy on there cell phones and computer.I will not say that I don’t use them,I do but I also like to read.Recently my brother wrote a book and its been approved by the publishers, the name of the book is “And then,she said yes” written by rajorshi motilal. I’m eagerly waiting for the book to be released all over.Books also pay a very important role in our everyday life.If u are waiting for any meeting or anything else then meanwhile you can always go for reading.I really think that reading is fun as I get to know new stories and characters.Every one has his\her favourite author ,mine is John Green and Jay Asher.I love to read their books. My favourite book till date is The fault in our stars . its beautifully written by John Green. I personally think being a boy its quite hard to write a story from a girls perspective. But he did the job so well!! 

So I would suggest if you are new reader then start with simple books.See u next time till then read books and enjoy them!!!

music is my life…

Every one of us has became sad some day.we think its useless to live,we are worthless etc,etc.except of thinking negative if we just put headphones in our ears we start feeling relaxed and calm.There are  several categories of music for several type of feelings. If you are sad then don’t listen to soft beat songs,it makes you feel more sad and gloomy you can hear fast beat songs like Cheap Thrills by Sia (that’s one of my favourite) it makes you feel cheerful and makes you think positive. If you are angry for any reason then you can hear romantic songs based on your choice . They make you feel happy and after an hour or two you actually forget the reason of your anger. That’s cool isn’t it! If you are alone and feeling bored then fast beat songs are good but you can always go for any other option of your choice. I really like The Greatest and Chandelier by Sia. Sia is my personal favourite.You can also play any instrument if you wish to.I like to play guitar.My guitar is my life.But the thing that matters is MUSIC!!!! Keep on listening to music and always think that you hear music as a liking not as a therapy!