music is my life…

Every one of us has became sad some day.we think its useless to live,we are worthless etc,etc.except of thinking negative if we just put headphones in our ears we start feeling relaxed and calm.There are  several categories of music for several type of feelings. If you are sad then don’t listen to soft beat songs,it makes you feel more sad and gloomy you can hear fast beat songs like Cheap Thrills by Sia (that’s one of my favourite) it makes you feel cheerful and makes you think positive. If you are angry for any reason then you can hear romantic songs based on your choice . They make you feel happy and after an hour or two you actually forget the reason of your anger. That’s cool isn’t it! If you are alone and feeling bored then fast beat songs are good but you can always go for any other option of your choice. I really like The Greatest and Chandelier by Sia. Sia is my personal favourite.You can also play any instrument if you wish to.I like to play guitar.My guitar is my life.But the thing that matters is MUSIC!!!! Keep on listening to music and always think that you hear music as a liking not as a therapy!     


8 thoughts on “music is my life…

  1. indeed music is a very important part of ones life. Music is a friend of our sole ,who can console us no matter what storm we may be facing.


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