My Teenage routine!!

So,these are winters nowadays. And personally I hate winters because I feel very lazy and I have to wake up early  ,take a quick bath and leave for school.Honestly I do all that stuff very reluctantly but because my exams are going on I cannot say no* . “SAD” now,moving on ,I feel some lazy people like me need some hacks for the cold winters.  😉 

Firstly this thing is for teenagers like me. And to be more precise its for “lazy teenagers” 

Now the hardest thing in winters is to wake up.I sleep near about 10:30 to 11 . if you sleep late like me and need to wake up early then I prefer to have a glass of milk. I know milk tastes like the most tasteless thing in the world,but still. Having a glass of milk before going to sleep really helps to wake up early. Believe me I tried this,and although milk is very tasteless, its better than the alarm clocks ringing near your ears. That’s so irritating!

Now for the breakfast I prefer something light but more in quantity. Like your breakfast plate should include a fruit ,bread,egg, and health drink as per your choice

For lunch I prefer to include carbs,proteins and little bit of fats.

Now normally teenagers like to chat and be with their cell phones after school.I will not lie but,I do the same.

After coming from school I remain very tired ,so I sleep for a while and then I  study thats another thing I don’t like to do.

Its very important to play outdoor games in your teenage life as this makes you mentally and physically fit . 

At night I watch TV and sleep at 10:30 pm ,Actually I update my status and profile pic and be online in whatsapp  till honestly I sleep at 11:30.   😉